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Compressed Air Cooling

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Compressed Air:
When air is compressed, the act of compression causes the air temperature to rise considerably. For example, if the compressor takes in air at 60f, the compressed air will often be well over 200f once compressed. Additionally, ambient typically contains moisture as well as other airborne particulates. When air is compressed, moisture and any other contaminants are also compressed remain in the system. If not removed, moisture and other contaminates often will cause corrosion to compressed air equipment and may be detrimental to the quality of your final product.

Compressed Air Cooling:
Our compressed air heat exchangers eliminate water moisture from compressor air. By installing a Air Cooled or Water Cooled aftercoolers, inline moisture separator, and optional float drain; the result will be clean, cool air that will improve the operation of your air operated processes.

How it Works:

Hot compressed air passes through the Aftercooler, cool air or water carries away and removes heat, once cool, air becomes saturated and moisture condenses and falls out. When the air and condensed moisture reaches the moisture separator, a high velocity centrifugal motion causes the condensed moisture to run down the walls and subsequently drain out. An optional automatic or manual float drain allows the moisture to be drained from the system and disposed.

Air Cooled Compressor Aftercooler

Air Cooled
Compressor Aftercoolers:

  Compressed Air Aftercooler
  Complete Catalog of Sizes and Features
  All Aluminum Construction Available
  Core Only and Complete Units

Water Cooled Compressor Aftercooler

Water Cooled
Compressor Aftercoolers:

  Compressed Air Aftercooler
  Air to Water Cooling
  Stainless Steel and CuNi Options
  Custom Configurations
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Compressed Air Cooling
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