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Moisture Separator

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Installed inline, just behind the aftercooler, a high efficiency separator, seperates teh the liquid condensate from the air flow.


S-50 and S-100 Models:

  MoistureSeparator S-50
  5 SCFM to 120 SCFM
  200 PSI MAX
  175 f MAX
  Automatic Float Style Drain (optional)
  Cast Zinc Construction
  Quick Disconnect for Easy Service

S-200 thru S-1700 Models:

  MoistureSeparator S-200-S-1700
  11 SCFM to 1700 SCFM
  232 PSI MAX
  176 f MAX
  Aluminum Construction
  Low Differential Pressure


  MoistureSeparator S-2600
  1500 SCFM to 3500 SCFM
  232 PSI MAX
  176 f MAX
  Carbon Steel Construction
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