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Compressed Air Cooling

Heat Exchangers and Accessories


Compressed air coolers are heat exchangers that are designed to cool and dry compressed air using either water or ambient air.

Water vapor condensing in compressor applications causes damage to both equipment and in some cases the product that is being manufactured or assembled. Compressed air aftercoolers remove moisture by cooling your air and causing the temperature to drop below its dew point. Once liquid, water can be removed using a centrifugal moisture separator and then drained.

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  Complete Line of Sizes and Options
  High Efficiency Air Aftercoolers
  Water Cooled Compressed Air Coolers
  Air Cooled Compressed Air Coolers

Pressure, Temperature & Flows:

  High Flows (up to 3475 scfm)
  Low Flows (less than 18 scfm)
  300 psi (design pressure)
  350 F (max operating temperature)


Compressed Air Cooling Aftercoolers & Accessories:
Air Cooled Compressor Aftercoolers

Air Cooled
Compressor Aftercoolers:

  Compressed Air Aftercooler
  Complete Catalog of Sizes and Features
  All Aluminum Construction Available
  Core Only and Complete Units
Water Cooled Compressor Aftercoolers

Water Cooled
Compressor Aftercoolers:

  Compressed Air Aftercooler
  Air to Water Cooling
  Stainless Steel and CuNi Options
  Custom Configurations
  Core Only and Complete Units
Compressed Air Moisture Separators & Drains

Compressed Air
Moisture Separators & Drains:

  Small and Large SCFM Capacity
  Manual Drain and Automatic Options
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Compressed Air Cooling
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